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Envision provide reactive maintenance, available 24/7. Feel safe with reliable maintenance you can trust.

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Pre-planned Security Maintenance

We provide pre-planned maintenance solutions to align with your company’s unique security plan. These maintenance solutions, provide you peace of mind and ensure your security systems are always operational.

The cost for pre-planned maintenance is rolled into your security solutions package. This  is installed by our dedicated team of engineers and is unique to your company.

Reactive Maintenance

At Envision we understand that equipment can fail for a variety of external reasons. When equipment fails, productivity can suffer.

We offer 24/7 reactive maintenance to ensure any defective security equipment is restored back to full functionality as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our dedicated team of engineers provide a consistently high level of service, offering you call outs anytime of the day.  Choose Envision for full protection.


Workpal allows each security installation to be treated as an individual project.

It allows installations to be planned in advance with every key milestone documented. Through this system, our security engineers can log site details, specifications, forms and full RAMS.

This allows your company to access all management information and view an audit trail of the job, from commencement to completion.


We aim to protect your site, your assets and the safety of our engineers.

Staysafe if an innovative smartphone app and cloud based monitoring solution. This provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world.

The app tracks the employees location in real time enabling our employees to check in safety. It also allows our employees to request immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

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