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Eco Security Towers

Eco Security Towers are wireless CCTV towers designed to provide site security for construction sites, critical national infrastructure or any location requiring stand alone wireless CCTV with full surveillance.

Eco Security Towers are an all in one security solution built with reinforced steel for durability. They are quick to set up, vandal resistant and wireless for usability and to remove trip hazards. This wireless CCTV Eco Security Tower delivers full 360 degree coverage with no blind spots to keep your business protected for up to 2 years at full operational power. The Mega Eco Security Tower also provides lighting solutions and external power.

Eco towers are the perfect addition to your premises if you need CCTV on your site for a long period of time. The Eco Tower has a 3 metre height and clear positioning to deter your intruders from entering your premises, while the Eco Mega tower has a 9 metre hydraulic mast for additional coverage. Eco Security Towers require no existing infrastructure and provide a high continuity of service without constant visits to your site, allowing you and your staff to focus on your work, undisturbed.

Eco Security Tower Features

  • Wireless Camera ECO Security Tower
  • 24 month Continuous power in full operational use.
  • Reinforced steel structure. Galvanised and powder coated
  • Vandal Resistant
  • 360° coverage ( 4 camera detectors 1 x siren/strobe)
  • Maintenance free service
  • Mobile and rapid deployment
  • 3m mast height (Eco tower)
  • 9m mast height (Eco Mega tower)
  • Lighting options on Eco Mega tower
  • Various sensor and camera options
  • Eco Mega tower also has 5.4KW onboard silent generator which can provide external power
  • Now features Sirens and Beacons

Eco Mega Security Tower Features

  • Wireless DRP camera options
  • IP CCTV ( PTZ, static, Thermal, ANPR)
  • ADPRO Gateway NVR with intrusion trace
  • 4G router ( wifi repeater wifi position on site)
  • 4x 200w LED floorlights
  • 8x Solar panels
  • 16x 200AH battery cells
  • 5.4kw onboard silent generator
  • External power outlet
  • 9m mast height
  • Twin axle trailer unit

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