Hard Wired Security Solutions

CCTV, Access Control,
Intruder & Fire Systems

Hard wired security systems are a great way to protect your business from threats and intruders. They can also act as business enhancers providing information on trends, H&S and business practices. These systems are installed into your building or premises as part of your everyday security measures.

All Envision designed CCTV Systems are fully capable of remote monitoring by Envision’s CATI BS EN 50518 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for total protection.

Envision Intelligent Solutions has dedicated engineering teams for installations, service and pre-planned maintenance for all CCTV intruder, fire and access control systems including emergency lighting, to keep your staff and assets protected.

CCTV, Access Control,
Intruder & Fire Systems

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CCTV Installation
& Monitoring

Access Control

Security Systems

Fire Detection
& Prevention Systems

Features of
Hard Wired Security Systems


Fully trained, experienced multi-disciplined engineers


Strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers


Full design and build service


Dedicated PPM Service Teams

CCTV Installation
& Monitoring

Envision Intelligent Solutions started out as a dedicated CCTV company.  This vast experience allows Envision to provide a full range of CCTV services including design, installation, pre-maintenance and reactive servicing. From small CCTV systems to fully integrated networked systems across multiple locations. Using IP based systems for surveillance, ANPR intelligent systems for access control and protection, to thermal systems for long perimeter protection and advanced video analytics and radar for intrusion detection.

Envision design CCTV systems to be remotely monitored, which greatly enhances the CCTV systems capabilities and when linked to the Envision Alarm Receiving Centre provides extremely cost effective and highly effective security protection in real time.

Envision design bespoke CCTV systems utilising a risk mitigation methodology.

Envisions system options include a full range of state of the art cameras:

  • Internal or external
  • 360° panoramic
  • Fixed or fully functional speed domes with pan, tilt and zoom.
  • Vandal resistant
  • Low light
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Covert
  • Thermal long range cameras
  • Radar Intrusion
  • Heat mapping and people count
  • Body temperature cameras for controlling work spaces

Security Systems for 
CCTV Installation & Monitoring

XTRALIS ADPRO specialists

Xtralis ADPRO is the market leader for secure alarm based video activation transmission.  Envision operate ADPRO systems across multiple sectors nationwide and have extensive experience in the design, setup/commissioning and operation of these systems.

PA Systems

The PA security system detects an intruder or antisocial behaviour and issues a verbal warning to subjects over a PA system.

ANPR Cameras

These security cameras monitor vehicle registration.  Envision will control which vehicles are allowed access to your property and provide alerts for black-listed vehicles to protect sites and assets. Envision fully integrate the ANPR into the overall security solution.

Intruder Security Systems 
Protect your business

Intruder systems are designed, installed and maintained to protect what’s important to you.

Regardless of property size or complexity of your business, Envision Intelligent Solutions can design and install intruder alarm systems to fully meet your requirements, and also integrate it with your CCTV systems.

Envision’s intruder alarms adhere to the latest regulation PD:6662 and can be fitted as a choice of agreed actions, including an URN police response.

Envision utilise a full range of state of the art detection services, including motion detection, vibration sensors, glass break detector and magnetic contacts. We have the ability to enhance your system with hold up alarms, and other smart technology.

Envision are a Emizon Dual Communicator partner and all Envision Installed Systems utilise Emizon for secure conection to the Envision Alarm Receiving Centre.

Envision Access Control

Access control systems are responsible for controlling access to various sites. These electronic systems are controlled through a secure network to grant authorised access to your business or premises.

Envision has a fully DDA- Compliant entry system, including gates and barriers, internal turnstiles, digital keypads, proximity readers and swipe cards. Facial and temperature access terminal also available.

Envision deploys a different approach to access control systems. We utilise a central database located at the Alarm Receiving Centre, removing the need for your business to have dedicated PCs for software, data entry, card production and live management.

Envision provides the full service from design, installation and access system live management.

Access cards for new employees within 24 hours of start


Change access authorisations instantly

24/7 live management

Directly integrated to CCTV systems

No staff time spent on access control management

Detailed and bespoke management reports in real time

Biometrics (facial,temperature, fingerprint and palm print)

Construction Security Turnstiles &
Facial Recognition Turnstiles

Access Control Systems

Intruder Security Alarms

Intruder alarms are transmitted by Emizon dual communicators via two of a number of signalling paths and are monitored by the Envision Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to signal a fire, intruder or threat to your business.

Vacant Property

When a property becomes vacant, it is at a greater risk from attempted break ins. Envision offers a range of bespoke solutions to prevent such security incidents and threats taking place.

Why choose Envision’s Hard Wired Security Systems

Envision work with their partners to secure large complexes and multi-sites across the country. Envision Intelligent Solutions have the skill set, experience, knowledge and teams to deliver and exceed your expectations.

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