Covid-19 Envision

Service Continuity Update

As the situation around the country rapidly changes and businesses and organisation are massively impacted, Envision want to provide additional reassurance to our customers as to continuation of full service delivery.

What Envision Are Working On

Over the past few months Envision have been investing in new advanced video analytical software called “Calipsa”, which reduces false video alarms to the Envision ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).  Due to how successful this measure has been, Envision has launched a major increase in its deployment, rolling out across thousands of cameras. This is an unprecedented measure by the Company with a large investment in a short period of time. Ultimately, it ensures that we reduce false alarms and allows our staff to deal with mostly meaningful alarms (we have reduced false alarms in the magnitude of 65%). This in turn allows our monitoring teams to manage more sites with increased monitoring hours for clients who now require 24hr monitoring as sites enter lock down.

Envision have also been working on a surge work team program. We are aware that we will also suffer from expected staff shortages on a rolling pattern and to account for this we have trained extra staff to manage monitoring.  These are staff members who are currently engineers, managers and service desk staff to which all Envision staff are fully BS7858 vetted and compliant with the necessary standards.

Additionally we have also recruited new, highly experienced, ARC staff over the past weeks. This provides Envision with excellent flexibility to be fluid with shift patterns and the back fill of positions.

Under BS EN 50518 standard for the certification of ARC (design, build and operations) we have measures adopted to roll out in exceptional circumstances, to ensure uninterrupted service delivery. We have established and developed a number of remote locations to provide monitoring to allow us to continue operations. This is strictly managed and overseen by Envision senior managers.


Our other activities are functioning normally, with staff working under very strict hygiene procedures, with social distancing to ensure that systems on customer sites remain operational. The Engineering service teams will continue to work, unless government measures decree otherwise.  They will continue to conduct “Pre Planned Maintenance” (PPM) and reactive service calls to keep vital security and fire systems operational throughout this pandemic. 


We fully understand the extent of awful strain and pressure on all our customers. We also appreciate the worry and uncertainty for staff, family and friends welfare. This is a situation that none of us have experienced before and we want to ensure each of our customers that at this time, Envision is deploying every measure it can,  regardless of financial impact to keep services operational and our customers protected.

Heartfelt Thoughts to you and your family during Covid-19

We want to express our heartfelt thoughts to all our customers and their families at this time and we trust and pray you all remain safe and well. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any concerns or changes to you service delivery requirements and we would be grateful if you could forward this message to members of your team. 

Kind regards,

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