Demand for Envision’s Turnstile Products

Demand for Envision’s Facial Recognition / Thermal Monitoring Security Turnstiles is ever increasing, evidenced by another delivery to a new customer in Sunny London this morning.

As one of the few companies in the UK that have been able to keep construction personnel safe since the start of the pandemic with our No touch access control, time and attendance turnstile offering we are continually developing and evolving our software to meet the demands of the construction industry.

We will have more exciting developments and announcements to make in the next few weeks ….

Envision offering majors on security from its bespoke pod design and build to the award winning time and attendance software, the Envision DRP Series 5 Security Turnstile is the go to choice for protection, business support and site protection.

For more information on our DRP series 5 turnstile access control offering visit

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