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The problem? Assets to protect, yet no infrastructure, no power, no data. To date, solutions to this include security guarding, or CCTV systems that require intensive battery changes, expensive data transmission and long lead time for install. The assets can range from an item of plant to a large construction site to a car compound.

We have a better solution: whatever the need, no matter the urgency, Envision have the unique solution, unlike any other product existing in the market place.

Requiring no infrastructure (power or data), no need for expensive engineer labour time, and no capital outlay or long lead times, Envision’s ReconEyez system is instantly deployable, and installed fully operational within minutes. Cameras are remotely monitored from Envision’s CAT II ARC. For the customer, this means full access to all images obtained, all images stored for one year, and with minimum contract periods.

The main aspects of the system are:-

  • HD Camera Technology
  • Advanced wide angle and long range PIR detector (with video analytics)
  • 400 Day Battery Life
  • 128bit Encryption
  • Creates its own mesh network
  • Tamper/anti theft alarms
  • Multi-network unlimited data sims

Additionally Envision provides a fully managed service from site survey to installation, battery management, remote monitoring and de-installation all in one simple weekly cost per camera with no minimum rental term.

Once installed, ReconEyez camera devices detect intrusion only when the threat is real, and information is relayed instantly to the Envision control centre. A visual alarm can then be forwarded to security personnel or police. ReconEyez doesn’t miss an event. Instant reaction enables prevention of crime; and your assets and premises remain safe and protected.

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