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Across the UK, premises are regularly affected by various forms of crime and intrusion but with Envisions close protection, no security threats will go unseen. From the many cases of antisocial behavior, vandalism and theft, to less frequent cases of arson and personal attacks. Envision strives to detect and prevent them all to the highest standards for you. Protecting you when you need it most.

Alert, Action & Response

Our dedicated security team manage thousands of activations daily as movement is detected by our ReconEyez cameras throughout all sites. We will distinguish which security alerts pose a threat to you and determine if action needs to be taken. You will be alerted to the danger and the action taken if the threat is real.


The security systems installed are monitored from our highly specified, resilient and secure alarm receiving centre in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. The envision arc is monitored 24/7 by our dedicated team of security controllers.


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Opened in March 2016, Envision were one of the UK’s first new European Certified CAT II ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centre).

Designed, Built, operated and Certified to BS EN 50518 standard, Envisions National Operation Centre has been designed to be future proof, to the fore front of remote monitoring, utilising Globally leading monitoring software for Security Systems.

Designed to the exacting needs for video transmission, Envision deploys a different strategy to our competitors. With triplicate redundancy for all core systems, intensive training programs and advanced facility design Envision can provide the full range of remote monitoring from a single intruder connection to full large multi site remote guarding.