DRP Wireless Camera

Wireless Security Systems


Ensures detection of persons and vehicles, regardless of conditions day and night


Envision ARC receive and process the alarm activations issuing verbal alerts and high intensity strobes to deter and where required request police presence.


DRP provides an instant reaction to real threats, protecting sites and assets.

Wireless security systems are the perfect security solution for continuous surveillance of your property, business or assets. They can be installed in a matter of minutes and demand no existing infrastructure, unlike hard Hardwired Security Systems

Features of Envisions DRP Wireless Security Systems

Advanced long range, wide angle PIR

Intelligent video analytic algorithms

Day and night cameras in one unit

Full HD image and video

Convert Infrared light

Long life span with rechargeable battery

Self healing MESH network

Tamper switches and alarms

Advanced user interface

Cloud storage of all activations

Remote monitored

How Does the DRP

Wireless Security Camera work?

This wireless security camera operates by Detecting, Reacting and Protecting.


The DRP wireless camera is equipped with advanced sensors. This proprietary algorithm detects intrusion and determines whether the threat is real. While doing this, it sends a photo to the control centre.

A visual alarm is delivered to the desktop computer, smartphone or tablet with easy forwarding to security personnel or police. In addition, analytics are available to optimise business operations. Easy integrated with alarm reception centres.

DRP wireless security systems protect your business by never missing an event. Instant reaction enables prevention. Automated detection and instant alarms allow quick reaction to real threats.

Benefits of the DRP wireless security camera for your business

A wireless system demanding no existing infrastructure

It can be installed in a matter of minutes!

It can be relocated around the site as you need it

A battery life lasts for 400 days – That’s over a year!

Why choose Envision DRP Wireless CCTV Camera

Envision will provide your security coverage in one simple, weekly payment with no upfront cost and no fixed term contracts. Our camera systems have the ability to use 2-5g networks with long life batteries in full HD still and video. All monitored through the BS 50518 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). To set up your free consultation, complete the form below and our security representation will call you back.