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Envision Aviation operates in the aerial security applications sector, with experience in UAV/Drones and also fixed winged manned aircraft.




The A32 Seeker is our latest offering, a 2 seater Light aircraft with very short take-off and landing characterises, extremely fuel efficient, long loitering times on station, simple to maintain and operate, when combined with multiple security mission sensor pods from 4 axis stabilised gimbal camera units, gas detection, search and rescue, comms repeaters and other security equipment linked to a real time downlink, the A32 Seeker is in a league of its own and can broadcast to ground stations around the world.

Envision have their A32 Seeker demo aircraft operational and more information will follow on this extremely exciting international project.

Additional Envision and its aircrew team can provide Drone solutions from equipment to operations and fleet management.

Envision also support the Skywatch charity for Aerial Search and Rescue and the A32 Seeker will be provide for mission’s in support of missing persons and other activities.

Security Aviation

Envision provides innovative UAV-based safety and security solutions for diverse requirements. Combining our extensive aviation and UAV skill set with our innovative in-house systems integration capability, Envision designs and delivers practical and cost-effective unmanned aerial solutions.

Envision’s multi-mission product suite is an industrial grade UAV platform which carries and deploys multiple inter-changeable payloads to address specific operational tasks.

Aviation security red drone - Envision Intelligent Solutions
Security drone png, aviation services by Envision

Can be used standalone or as modular element of a larger OEM system.

Includes a robust user-friendly ground control station that can be used to operate all missions in single or dual operator configuration.

CAA licensed drone operators also provide piloting of UAV’s for whatever your mission requirements are.


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