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At Envision, we understand that it can be hard for you to find a security solution that doesn’t add to the chaos of your site.

Now we offer an alternative


A wireless system demanding no existing infrastructure

It can be installed in a matter of minutes!

It can be relocated around the site as you need it

A battery life lasts for 400 days – That’s over a year!

How Does

ReconEyez work?

reconeyez wireless security camera envision cctv


The devices detectors are equipped with advanced sensors. Our proprietary algorithm detects intrusion, determines whether the threat is real, and sends a photo to the control centre.


A visual alarm is delivered to the desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. Easy forwarding To security personnel or police. Advanced analytics available. Easy integrated with alarm reception centres.


ReconEyez doesn’t miss an event. Instant reaction enables prevention. Automated detection and instant alarms allow quick reaction to real threats.

Let out a sigh of relief

ReconEyez Detects

..When the threat is real and information is relayed to our control centre.

ReconEyez does not miss an event

With the sent visual alarm to security personal or the local police to match your needs! With its instant reaction it prevents crime and your assets to leave your premises safe and protected.

Reconeyez is unrivalled!

It stores your images for 12 whole months and you will have access to all captured footage and time lapse capabilities.

The Best Part About It?

The Price!

Envision will provide your security coverage in one simple weekly cost with no upfront cost and no fixed term contracts.

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