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Envision Intelligent Solutions USA

Envision Intelligent Solutions is a bespoke technology led security solutions provider. With a wide breadth of experience and knowledge across a wide field of services and products, Envision truly is the one stop provider of security excellence for today’s and tomorrow’s businesses.

From award-winning, wireless, security visual asset protection system (DRP Series 2 and Series 3), to advanced RPAS (Remote Piloted Aerial Systems) production and training; video transmission software; security system design and installation; pre-planned maintenance and reactive servicing to Remote Monitoring via Envision’s CAT I ARC (BS EN 50518) and FM services, Envision has placed itself at the forefront of the cutting edge of the security industry.

Envision Monitoring

We monitor our Boston sites from Craigavon, Northern Ireland, through our wireless DRP Series 2 and Series 3 systems. DRP Series 2 and Series 3 detects, while we react and protect, from our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). Our services in Massachusetts range from:

Construction Sites

Automotive retail

Commercial retail units

Vacant property

Property Management

The Problem?

Assets to protect, yet no infrastructure, no power, no data. To date, solutions to this include security guarding, or CCTV systems that require intensive battery changes, expensive data transmission and long lead time for the install. The assets can range from an item of plant to a large construction site to a car compound.

Envision’s new

DRP detect React Protect series

Eco Security Towers are wireless CCTV towers designed to provide site security for construction sites, critical national infrastructure or any location requiring stand alone wireless CCTV with full surveillance.


Intelligent Solutions

Envision Intelligent Solutions Limited, as part of its ambitious vision of a corporate socially aware modern security industry, has implemented far-reaching initiatives designed to minimise the impact of its trading activities on society, economy and the environment.


Envision USA

745 Atlantic Avenue
8th Floor
Boston, MA
Tel: 6178419125

Envision Intelligent Solutions

Opened in March 2016

Envision was one of the UK’s first new European Certified CAT I ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centre). Designed, Built, operated and Certified to BS EN 50518 standard, Envisions National Operation Centre has been designed to be future proof.