Aviation Security
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Dedicated Bespoke Aviation Projects

Envision’s aviation security and aerial surveillance operates in the aerial security applications sector. With experience in fixed winged manned aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)/ security Drones and our CCTV Command and Control vehicles.

Aviation security is a force multiplier which deters, responds and pursues attackers quickly and efficiently from the sky. Aviation security makes a vital contribution to your business security approach by increasing perimeter control, monitoring intruders and your facilities through long range tracking and observation.

Manned Aircraft
A32 Seeker

The A32 aircraft is a light, purpose built aircraft uniquely designed for expeditionary aerial observation and surveillance missions. With its long run time, reliability and short response times, there is no better vehicle to enhance your aerial surveillance.

This manned aircraft is an innovative alternative to the traditional approach of aerial surveillance aircraft. The A32 seeker is unrivalled for observational purposes for its long endurance and low speed control. The A32 seeker is designed to respond at a moment’s notice with low operational costs.

This surveillanced manned aircraft is extremely fuel efficient, simple to maintain and operate. When combined with Envisions security measures it becomes a strong force multiplier to protect your business.

Envision Intelligent Solutions can combine this aviation security with multiple sensor pods from a 4 axis stable gimbal camera unit, gas detection, search and rescue, communication repeaters and other security equipment that is linked to a real time downlink. The A32 seeker is in a league of it’s own and can be broadcast to ground stations around the world.

In addition, Envision Intelligent Solutions and its aircrew team can provide drone solutions from equipment to operations and fleet management.

Envision help secure the nations construction sites and projects with industry leading technology and services.

Aviation Security
Operational Response

Envision Intelligent Solutions supports Northern Ireland’s local charity, SkyWatch NI for aerial search and rescue.

Envision provides the A32 Seeker to support missions to find lost persons in Northern Ireland and support in a number of other roles, the aircraft is manned and flown by Envision flight crews

Aviation security features:
  • A32 Seeker ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) aircraft
  • 2 seat aircraft powered by 912uls rotax engine for increased reliability
  • 8hrs duration
  • Short take off and landing
  • Low speed controllability
  • Extremely low operating costs
    Excellent visiblity
  • Multiple mission sensors and rapid change out
  • Low fuel burn of 15lts per hour on MOGAS (automotive petrol)
  • Operates on MOGAS but can also utilise AVGAS

Drone Security
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Envision Intelligent Solutions provides innovative unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based safety and security solutions for diverse requirements. Combining our extensive aviation and UAV skill set with our innovative in house systems integration capability. Envision designs and delivers practical and cost effective drone solutions.

Envision Intelligent Solutions multi-mission product suite is an industrial grade unmanned aerial vehicle platform which carries and deploys multiple inter-changeable payloads to address specific operational tasks..

Envision help secure the nations construction sites and projects with industry leading technology and services.

Aviation Security

Aerial surveillance can increase detection of unwanted threats by 1000 times compared to regular security methods.

Can be used standalone or as a modular element of a larger OEM system

Includes a robust user friendly ground control station that can be used to operate all missions in single or dual operator configuration

CAA licensed drone operations also provide piloting of UAV’s for whatever your mission requirements are.

Security Vehicular Response
CCTV Command and Control Vehicle

The CCTV Command and Control vehicle is part of Envision Intelligent Solutions dedicated bespoke vehicle projects.

Equipped with a CCTV turret system, this vehicle can pursue and record intruders from the ground. The CCTV Command and control vehicle receives surveillance footage from UAV’s and the A32 Seeker aircraft to its drone video viewing station.

This video footage is also streamed to a dedicated ground station and uploaded to the cloud, allowing your business to view the footage from any location.

Features of the CCTV Command and Control Vehicle:
  • Mission sensor operator station
  • Medical unit
  • CCTV turret system
  • Drone video Viewing station
  • Wireless camera compartment and battery charging
  • Traffic management full vehicular PC system
  • Multiple LED screens
  • Based on 4×4 chassis
  • Fully networked to Envision ARC

Project part financed by the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland co financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Envision Intelligent Solutions Ltd is in receipt of Grant for R&D support from Invest NI for A32 Seeker ISR Aircraft development.

This project which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020 aims to develop innovative monitoring solutions

Aviation Security
From Envision

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