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May 30, 2018

Innovative Security

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In today’s ever-changing and advanced world, security needs are developing rapidly and unfortunately, there isn’t one simple solution that ‘fits all’. At Envision, we have worked over the years to develop a fully managed service that encompasses all aspects of security and is able to tailor to your specific needs. We combine invaluable experience, with fresh and innovative ideas to produce a bespoke security solution. Envision design, install, maintain and monitor- and all through one simple pricing system. 

Our team is made up of enthusiastic members from different backgrounds, and with varying skillsets. From our highly qualified engineers, to our dedicated accounts team; we have specialists in all areas. We want to ensure every aspect of each security solution is taken care of at the highest possible level of service.
We are delighted to have recently been awarded “Best Security System Design & Installation Contractor” in the SME NI Business Awards, bearing testimony to the quality of service delivered by our team.
Envision provide the full security package from installation of CCTV to the production and management of drone (RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), this provides customers with full services, cost efficiencies and unrivalled protection.

Envision remain one step ahead in the security sector. Our aim is to offer a service to accommodate our customer needs with our combined services package and we are renowned for our innovation in technology sourced from around the globe.


We understand it can be hard to find a security solution that doesn’t add to the chaos on site. Therefore, we offer an alternative- ReconEyez. Our ReconEyez system is wireless, demands no existing infrastructure and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Because of its versatility, it can be relocated around the site as you need it. The unit employs its own independent power sources (with optional solar panels) and creates its own mesh network and communicates wirelessly via mobile networks to the cloud for real time alarm monitoring. Each camera detector houses HD day and night cameras, covert IR flash and wide angle, long range advanced PIR with additional video analytics. The battery lasts over a year and each device is constructed to IP67 rated and utilises secure encryption for all transmissions.  . Once installed, ReconEyez camera devices detect intrusion, only when the threat is real, and information is relayed instantly to the Envision control centre. This visual alarm can then be forwarded to security personnel or police. ReconEyez doesn’t miss an event. Instant reaction enables prevention of crime; and your assets and premises remain safe and protected. With full client access to all captured footage and time lapse capabilities ReconEyez is unrivalled, with the additional benefit of 12 months storage of all captured images. With a unique fully managed service covering supply, installation, multi network unlimited data sim, cloud software, 12mths storage, remote monitoring and de-installation, Envision provides your security coverage in one simple weekly cost with no upfront fees and no fixed term contracts.

Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

All security systems are monitored from our CATII ARC, based in Craigavon, where we provide a 24/7 helpdesk service. The ARC is built to latest European BS EN 50518 standards, meaning the highest quality technical equipment is combined with an excellent team of controllers, delivering first class customer service. With all core systems duplicated fully paperless systems and class leading monitoring software for both CCTV and Intruder, the Envision CATII ARC is  top of class for ARC’s. The team has extensive experience and knowledge in designing, constructing and operating ARC’s and this is borne out in the design and execution of the Envision CAT II ARC.  Envision utilising IMMEX software can monitor the majority of CCTV manufacturers and the Patriot Intruder Alarm monitoring platform can handle any communicator based Intruder system

Systems We Offer
Envision provide the full array of electronic security systems from CCTV, Intruder, Access Control, Fire and emergency lighting. From full design, through installation and ongoing PPM (pre-planned maintenance) to full service, Envision are the one stop shop for effective, well engineered and 24/7 supported systems.

360o Coverage Cameras
We offer 360o cameras, which means the recorded image can be split into 4 static cameras and review recorded footage as if it is live. This system is excellent for enclosed areas and internal applications.
ANPR Cameras
We also offer ANPR cameras to monitor vehicle registration, and can control which vehicles are allowed access to your property.
PA Systems
Our controllers can verbally alert intruders on site. The advanced video analytics are used for alarm generation to the Envision ARC, from which our SIA trained and licenced Controllers can issue verbal warnings through IP AXIS PA Loud Speakers if required.

Access Control
Envision are responsible for controlling access to various construction sites, business parks, and cash and transit centres. From the ARC, we monitor doors and barriers, ensuring secure access only when permitted.
Envision can provide remote managed access control for your property whether by door, gate, or barrier, negating the need for any member of your staff to be responsible for holding keys or cards. We also issue, manage and control cards for your access control card system.
We also provide biometric access systems and turnstiles for management employees, contractors and visitors to construction sites to ensure safe operations

Vacant Property

When a property becomes vacant, it is at a greater risk of attempted break-ins. Envision offer a range of solutions to prevent such incidents taking place.

Steel Doors & Screens
A standard door, even with multiple locks fitted, is no match for a determined intruder or group of squatters hell-bent on taking possession of the property. Envision offer temporary steel doors that can be installed quickly, causing no damage to the existing frame, and designed specifically to provide permanent resistance to high-impact assault and/or repeated attempts at intrusion.

Key-operated steel door:
Manufactured from heavy-duty plate steel to our exacting design and specification, these doors are designed to be securely installed in door-openings of any size. Features include:
• Highly visible deterrent
• Effective physical barrier
• Heavy duty, folded & webbed steel construction
• Purpose design & built
• Secured from the inside in order to cause little or no damage to existing door frame

These steel doors provide a cost-effective and secure solution and are ideal where authorised personnel have easy access to keys.

Keyless steel door:
Designed, manufactured and tested to the rigorous LPS1175 with Police & Insurance approval, the keyless steel door remains unique in its class. Features include:
• Keyless access via unique 5-digit code
• Unique independent locking mechanism
• Cannot be removed by cutting-off the hinges
• Easy/rapid exit – you can never be locked-in

Envision can surround your property with secure fencing, fitted with cameras and monitors where necessary, to prevent intrusion on your site. Whatever your needs, whether heras fencing, or concrete road blocks; temporary or permanent, we will provide the most effective solution.

Once your equipment is set up, you’ll not be on your own. You will receive ongoing support and maintenance from Envision management, engineers, controllers and response team. Envision services also include pre-planned and reactive CCTV, Intruder and Fire maintenance, ensuring that each system has at least two visits per year. All maintenance is performed by certified Envision engineers, including 24 hour emergency maintenance call out.
Prioritising Protection
As we aim to protect your sites and assets, the safety of our employees is also of utmost importance. We use StaySafe – an innovative and award winning smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world. The app tracks location in real-time enabling employees to check-in safely via smartphone or tablet, and request immediate assistance in an emergency.

Envision USA
Envision are proud to have launched Envision USA after recently investing in operations in Boston. The team are working on major construction projects and car dealerships in the USA, and are offering a solution that until this point has not existed in that market place. All equipment and remote monitoring for the USA is provided from our Head office here in Craigavon, providing fantastic opportunities for international networking.